Mindful Mamas Intensive

Mothering in the modern world can be overwhelming. We are bombarded with information – articles, books, online programs – all providing us with a plethora of information about how to mother more mindfully. We find ourselves simultaneously inspired and overwhelmed by what it means to be a modern mindful mama.

Join us as we delve deeper into the evidence based practice of mindfulness and self compassion, blended with the ancient practice of sitting in circle and in community with women, discovering and sharing our innate wisdom to support each other, to fill your reserves, and tend to yourself.

Here, not only do we learn what mindful mothering is, we learn the practical tools of parent and child self regulation, self compassion and emotional devlopment, we increase our confidence, our joy, and delve deeper into the work of mindful mothering, we cultivate curious minds, we reflect and we learn how to identify how our children are assisting us to grow as people.

The mindful mamas space provides you with an opportunity to explore mindful mothering on a deeper and more practical level – Mindful based skills to help reduce stress and bring you back into balance. A beautiful feminine space, especially created with love and nurturing in mind, to undertake the inner work of mothering – finding your own innate inner wisdom, increasing your connection with yourself so you can connect more deeply with your children and those around you.

The mindful mamas space will give you the opportunity to connect with yourself and other like minded mamas on a deeper level – to join the movement, the tribe of women sitting together to support each other on this sacred journey of parenting, just like we used to. Take the time to nurture yourself, learning or deepening your mindfulness practice and delicious organic whole food treats, bring your mindful parenting questions to the group in a safe and supportive environment to share, learn and grow together.

You will make meaningful and lasting connections to other mamas and increase your community.You will encounter opportunities for reflection,connecting, and sharing, and you will feel empowered to offer the best of yourself to your children. Above all, you will create the “village” that all of us parents truly need. Whether you are looking for information on a specific topic, wanting to gain support, seeking some stillness or seeking social connection with other mothers in a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere, there is something for everyone in the Mindful Mamas space.

I ask that women buy a Term pass – 5 sessions – so that we can create a core group of mamas that will journey together, to join the tribe – the movement that is mindful mothering. Buying a Term pass encourages you to take the time for you as a priority.

Your ticket covers the entire of Term 4 as follows:


Term 4 dates:

October 18th

November 1st

November 15th

November 29th

December 13th

All sessions run from 12pm-2.45pm

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