Kids Yoga Berwick – Body Yoga Kids “Yoga Monsters”

Kids Yoga Berwick – Body Yoga Kids “Yoga Monsters”

At the Body Yoga 8-12 year old Kids Yoga class our little yogi’s had 5-10 minutes to create their very own Yoga Monster!

During this exercise our little yogi’s worked as a team, co-operating and using their own creativity and imaginations.

They learnt to trust and respect themselves and one another through listening to their body’s and each other.

They encouraged each other and their confidence built as they used co-ordination and balance to make their monsters come to life!

A couple of comments heard from the groups as they brainstormed their creations were:

” I don’t know if I can do that”…”You can do it!” 

“That hurts me”…”Ok, lets try another way”

While the kids learnt all these important life skills the best thing was the FUN & LAUGHTER that filled the room!

Well done yogi’s we are so proud of you all!