Mums Bubs Berwick Yoga Classes at Body Yoga – Testimonials

Mums Bubs Berwick Yoga Classes at Body Yoga – Testimonials



“Ensuring I take time to ‘fill my cup’ and meet my needs in order to be a better caregiver and mother to Zoey” – Tameeka

“Mums and bubs yoga is a great for mind, body and baby.” – Nicole

“The 6 week course was amazing! I would highly recommend taking the course. Anna is an amazing instructor and made me and my baby feel at ease. Being a mother herself, she can relate to the post birth challenges and the course is designed to help with many aspects in relation to the journey of motherhood. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing and I felt automatically at ease upon walking through the door each week. I found the yoga posses for baby especially helpful for settling an upset tummy. Do yourself and baby a favour and sign up for the next course!” – Kelly




Post Natal Yoga/Mums n Bubs Yoga Berwick

At Body Yoga Berwick we run Mums n Bubs yoga classes (Post Natal Yoga) as a way to create a nurturing space for new mums to come together to find support on many levels. Our aim is to also provide safe yoga classes for new mums to gently re-build their post natal bodies.  This is an article written by Anna about her own personal experience of practicing yoga post natally.

Post Birth and Beyond

There is a big emphasis on the wellbeing of an expectant mother when it comes to nutrition, proper exercise and rest.  Media support for post birth recovery can be misguiding and does little to honor the physiological effects of pregnancy and often prioritises returning to pre-pregnancy shape.    In contrast, some cultures have favoured  40 days of uninterrupted union with mother and baby post birth, prioritising rest and breast feeding.  In our Western society, new mothers seem to be returning to activity and assuming roles and responsibilities post birth at a much faster pace than days gone by.  It is now more important than ever to find a means to balance the demands of lifestyle to support new Mums, caregivers and babies. Post natal yoga benefits women following birth, with the greatest healing benefits occurring on a deep and subtle level – calming the mind, strengthening the spine and toning abdominal organs so that in time, increasing levels of activity will not cause stress or injury. Women’s nutrient stores can become quite depleted during pregnancy so it is important to not overwork the body.  In our ‘Mums n Bubs’ class we use gravity and lots of props to help strengthen and align the body and release the physical and emotional burden of caring for a young child.  Baby yoga is interwoven into the class and has many benefits including improving digestion, calming the nervous system and nurturing the bond between caregiver and baby.    To the untrained eye, many yoga asanas post-natally may be perceived as ‘doing nothing’, on the contrary it is the passive restorative poses that ultimately lead to the greatest strength and endurance versus a more active practice. Mums n Bubs yoga supports a mindful practice that honors the physiological recovery post birth and beyond.  The practice is in tune with the dynamic relationship between a caregiver and baby and honors the post natal journey in it’s entirety, including the ongoing demands of breast feeding, monitoring and adapting to baby milestones, family ailments, changing family dynamics and much more.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The attached photo was taken by Anna’s husband and for Anna, sums up how you can find bliss amongst the chaos and demands of a family, even the dog!

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