Meditation Course Berwick

Meditation Course Berwick

As part of our Health and Wellbeing Workshop program, Body Yoga Berwick offers regular Meditation Courses.

Our Meditation Courses have been well attended and we congratulate everyone who has participated. Our courses have been designed for all levels of students, from beginners to those with more experience.  We include Yogic Philosophy as well as various meditation techniques that can be used by anyone to start the process of still mind meditation. Meditation has so many benefits and a regular practice can be life changing.  Meditation improves our emotional balance and provides us with tools to handle the many ups and downs of life.  

We wish all those that have participated in our courses many happy and still hours of meditation and thank you for your beautiful feedback which you have allowed us to share here:

“WOW, far exceeded my expectations. I have gained so much from this course and seen an insight into myself that I did not know how to access.”  Diana – Endeavour Hills

“This built on my previous experience and enhanced my developing awareness of mind, body, spirit connections.” Jenny – Pakenham

“The techniques taught have helped me with my meditation more than any other practice I have ever done previously.  I have found meditation now to be a want rather than a choose. This course has helped me greatly.  Thank you.”  Catherine – Berwick

“Changed my life!”       Anon – Cranbourne

“Loved the last meditation.  I found it so healing and enlightening – AMAZING what you can learn in the moment.”Cheryl – Monbulk

“I wasn’t sure what Meditation was all about.  I just thought it was something I would like to know more about and I’ve learnt many wonderful things.  Thank you!”             Vanessa – Upper Pakenham

“I’ve found these classes most helpful in calming my stormy mind”   Declan – Berwick

“Most enjoyable and informative.  Something we all need in everyday life and it gave us such a variety of different meditations – one to suit everyone.”           Vanessa – Berwick

“Excellent! Emotional and relaxing. Very powerful experience.  Thank you so much.”     Lyn – Cardinia

“I’ve loved learning about different meditation techniques and a bit of the history of yoga.  Great course!”    Meaghan – Berwick

“I found the workshop very helpful for myself.  Very good for stress and also for my creativity!”  Helen – Harkaway

” I have found a difference in my ability to relax and unwind at the end of the day.  I look forward now to that time after a busy work day.”  Leonie – Berwick

“Thanks for teaching me how to open my mind and step back and see things in a different way and being able to reflect upon different issues that were making my life a bit difficult before I joined the course. The course has made a big difference in the way that I deal with work, work tasks and different assignments now.”     Peppi – Cranbourne

“Good coverage of different meditation practices so you can pick and choose the one that works for you.  All good exposure to try these practices and understand them better.”  Anupam – Berwick

“I have been coming to the Meditation sessions since April this year and it has given me a greater understanding of yogic philosophy which has helped me with my asana practice.  It has also allowed me to develop meditation techniques which I can take into my everyday life to help me cope with stresses. Many of my friends and family have commented on my new, more relaxed approach to life.  This session has been hugely beneficial to me and life changing.”   Lee – Narre Warren

“The meditation course has taught me to be more aware of myself and strengthened my yoga practice. Learning the limbs of yoga helps pull it all together for a more enriching practice.” Anon – Cranbourne North