Kids Yoga Berwick – Term 2 2014

Kids Yoga Berwick – Term 2 2014

We’ve just completed Term 2,2014 of our Kids Yoga Program and are set to begin Term 3.  Each Term we endeavour to bring something new to the class so that the children not only remain engaged (as we have many children that have been coming to our classes for years!) but so that every child has an opportunity to find something in the class that they can relate to.  It has been my experience over the many years we have been running Kids Yoga classes that many children come to yoga to learn how to deal with anxiety.  We therefore structure our classes in such a way that children can learn HOW to relax in a way that is age appropriate and relevant to them.  We have had great results over the years we have been offering Kids Yoga and the changes we have been able to witness in children has been incredible.  To watch children at their first class feel anxious about leaving mum to some weeks later coming up to the studio on their own is just magic!  Kids Yoga offers support to children who are challenged with issues such as anxiety, lack of confidence, low self esteem and is also wonderful for children that just want to have fun, away from the usual competitive nature of most other activities.  We have also had a great response from children with Autism and Aspergers.  Our classes have a strong emphasis on values and on the need to respect ourselves and each other.  I have always been so proud of the groups of children that we have had in our classes who have always shown such a high level of respect and love for one another, accepting that we are all different in our ways but in essence, all one, all the same.  Children, when made to feel safe and loved, innately know this and when given the right environment they begin to open up and flourish.  We feel very privileged to be part of this process.  There is no greater gift than the children on this earth!

So what did we do in Term 2, 2014?

We practiced yoga in partners which teaches children how to trust others and also helps to build their confidence as they see how capable and strong they really are.  This is also a fun way to build friendships within the group. We focussed a lot on relaxation this term and had plenty of opportunities to explore how to do this in regular day to day activities.  We made Loom Bands which had to be done in silence with the mind focussed on what we were doing in that moment.  We also practiced being still and silent whilst colouring, we lay still whilst listening to meaningful stories and the kids absolute favourite, relaxing with a crystal on their belly whilst being guided on a magical journey.  Children had the opportunity to become the teacher of the class and this again builds their confidence as well as empowers them to be their own best – our favourite mantra. We played games, had obstacle courses, created mini “yoga productions” in groups and structured classes in a variety of ways so the children learn how yoga can be so adaptable to everyone’s needs.

Teaching yoga to children is really such a privelage and I for one always feel I learn so much more than I can ever teach.

Namaste to all our little yogis (or as some of our younger children say “Have a nice day”)

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