Kids Yoga at Body Yoga Berwick – A Review of Terms 3 & 4 2014

Kids Yoga at Body Yoga Berwick – A Review of Terms 3 & 4 2014

A review by Anna Berkelmans (Body Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher)

Our yogis have been transported by poses that travel by land, air and sea.  We’ve had a great ride finding objects on earth and water poses.  The kids naturally show lots of gratitude for nature, their wonderful imaginations creating poses inspired by their love for all creatures big and small and a variety of wildlife. We’ve enjoyed the creation of wonderful  sequences based on the elements of air, earth, water and fire.   Both classes have enjoyed working together in balance and form to create icebergs, pirate ships, snow flakes, coconut trees and many other objects/places their fascinating minds have led us.

The teddy bears picnic, Halloween, Footy fever and Christmas themes kept us busy enjoying poses with our furry friends, creating poses you eat, setting up tables and chairs, witches riding on broomsticks and finding the ‘umpire’ in our asana (pose).  The fun never stops and the mindfulness creates opportunities for kids to explore tools for keeping safe in sport and play, the importance of respect and their favourite…..relaxation.

The kids have been astonishing in their relaxation practice, winding down from high energy to an increasing ability to surrender to quiet and stillness.  The kids have enjoyed nature art, colouring mandalas, children’s literature and creative ways to understand and manage their feelings in a fun, comfortable way.   Both groups enjoyed meeting the Kimochis characters ( who will continue to inspire our yoga practice in 2015.

The kids have exhibited gratitude in many ways by exploring feelings, in particular happiness.  The 8-12 year olds developed a feelings chart which matched emotions to yoga poses.  We especially had fun with poses that diffuse anger, excitement, frustration and feeling left out.  In one class the kids reflected and wrote down  ideas for what brings happiness ~   The words and poses were:

  • “love’ – heart pose
  • 2 kids identified with  laughter – knee to ear pose
  • gratitude “I am happy to be alive and that I am healthy and happy” – group sunflower & lotus
  • ‘Doing yoga’- rock pose
  • ‘Art’- colouring mandalas

I have found these kids to be great teachers on my own personal yoga journey and I look forward to continuing to guide them in 2015.