Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat “Pause…Reflect…Re-Connect…”

Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat “Pause…Reflect…Re-Connect…”

Our Weekend Yoga & Meditation Retreat commenced on Friday 27th February at The Maitripa Buddhist Centre in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria. The weather was perfect on the Friday so we enjoyed some outdoor yoga with a difference! It was lovely to see how creative and willing everyone was to do something different and get out of their comfort zones right from the word go!  We were treated to a warm, nurturing dinner prepared with so much love and laughter that we all felt incredibly at home.  Having a brief power outage didn’t phase our “Catering Queens”, Alexandra and Nicole, who took it all in their stride and found something more to laugh about! The joy was infectious!

Saturday commenced bright and early with a Walking Meditation just as the sun began to rise. The bushland setting was the prefect place to appreciate all that Mother Earth has bestowed upon us. Time to quietly reflect on where we were and what we were about to do was enhanced with the sound of  the birds and wildlife surrounding us. This set the scene for our morning yoga practice and then a wholesome breakfast prepared again by our lovely “Catering Queens”. Once again we were filled with nutritious food infused with love and laughter.

The day provided plenty of opportunities and activities to commence the work we had come to do: “Pause…Reflect…Re-Connect…” As the day unfolded so did our emotions and and our hearts. Our afternoon concluded with more yoga, a delicious meal and then an evening of learning and singing some beautiful Mantras together. We were guided through a beautiful Yoga Nidra right before we headed off to bed which allowed some to have the best nights sleep they had ever had!

Sunday commenced with an early morning Meditation and Yoga Practice before we enjoyed our time together over breakfast. It was clear to see the bonds and friendships that had been formed over the weekend. Today’s session brought everything together as well as the group who showed so much love and understanding for themselves as well as each other.  We set our intentions and shared our thoughts in a space that was so open and loving my heart almost burst!

Our closing session saw us create the most beautiful Mandala I have ever seen. I really couldn’t put into words the feeling in the room in that moment. I was filled with so much love and gratitude for my life and for each and every person whom I have been honoured to share it with. How do words possibly convey that even in some small way?

One week later, I am delighted to hear that the participants have gained so much from this retreat with many having some major break throughs which have led to some big life changes as well as others who have gained a whole new appreciation for all that they have in their lives already. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to make some small difference to the lives of those that have trusted me to hold a sacred space for them to explore their inner world and find the answers they have sought. This is what life is all about!

I look forward to our next retreat and yes our “Catering Queens” have already put their hands up for the next one so we know how amazing the food and entertainment will be! A massive thank you to both Alexandra and Nicole who did an outstanding job and clearly enjoyed each and every moment of feeding us all.  An enormous thank you to Emma too who not only assisted me but who provided and incredible amount of support and made my experience just so effortless.

With love & gratitude




“The retreat was well planned, and care and thought taken into all the activities, and the delicious range of organic cooked meals. I found the teachers- Mary and Emma to be very supportive and encouraging. Having never been on a yoga retreat before I did not really know what to expect but I really enjoyed myself and look forward to the studio organising more retreats in the future. A really enjoyable experience which has encouraged me to focus more on my yoga practice and to take my experiences with yoga  ‘off the mat’ and into my general life. Thank you Mary and Emma.”  Des – Upper Beaconsfield
“Thank you to Mary, Emma & her team for providing a wonderful yoga retreat experience.  My first yoga retreat but definitely not my last. I now understand that Yoga is not just about the physical practice and benefits but the emotional/spiritual connection which I was able to discover in myself through the caring and warm environment and sessions provided over the weekend. The bonus was to get to spend the weekend with a group of wonderful like -minded yogis and I look forward to continuing this connection with the community we have built as a result.” Sandra – Rowville
“It was such a great weekend full with love, understanding, brilliant workshops, good people and amazing Leaders (Mary & Emma). And the food was fantastic!  Thank you so much!”  Doreen – Pakenham
“It was an amazing weekend it was such a special time for me. I couldn’t have enjoyed it any more. The food was colorful, nutritious and yummy! I was in heaven having vegetables for breakfast! Having gluten free and wholefoods with such variety is fantastic for me. I thank the girls for doing such an amazing job with our meals. The sessions we participated in were purposeful and powerful and well planned out. I learnt a lot about myself and was able to take away some techniques to use in my busy life. The accommodation and facilities were the perfect environment for us to do the work and simplify our lives. The surrounding bushland were beautiful and serene. And those hills and view. What can I say. That was my favourite!  What I found was most enjoyable was connecting and communicating with the beautiful people on the retreat! I met so many people I feel I know better after that few days that other people I have known in every day life for years. What a group of people. I would  love to catch up with the group ongoing.  A very big thank you to Emma who was honest and giving to all. And, finally thank you, Mary for holding the phenomenal space at the retreat and being the amazing open and supportive person that you are. I’m looking forward already to future retreats and all the yoga that is ahead of me.” Kristi -Berwick
“The retreat gave me the space to tap back into my own heart and identify thought processes that block clear vision.  I have returned home feeling re-energised and empowered to trust myself – being better able to see what’s important and meaningful.    I have been inspired by each and every person on the retreat and enjoyed a connection which is beyond what words could describe.  The food was extremely nourishing.  Mary, Emma, Alexandra and Nicole each brought a unique gift to the retreat – too difficult to define but many qualities that inspire me to be my best!” Anna – Berwick
“A wonderful opportunity to open your heart to truly find you; to allow yourself the time to really reflect on where you are in life and where you want to be. Mary’s gentle but leading nature is the perfect guide to help you during your stay at this retreat in the beautiful natural setting of the Yarra Valley.”  Kathleen – Surrey Hills
“Both Stuart and I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. It gave us a chance to pause as was the invitation. The food was beautifully nourishing and there was plenty of it. Overall there was a good mix of yoga and other activities held at a gorgeous location. So grateful for the experience.” Stuart & Natalie – Beaconsfield
“I had a wonderful time. Where we had the retreat was beautiful. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it. I really enjoyed the outdoor yoga session on the grass, just something different. It was lovely to meet people from yoga rather than just a hello in class.”  Vanessa – Upper Pakenham