Kids Yoga Berwick – Testimonials

Kids Yoga Berwick – Testimonials


“My name is Ethan and I’m 9. I’ve been doing yoga for a few years now. I love yoga because its relaxing and it’s good for my body. Sometimes I use the things my teachers have taught me to relax and switch my brain off. It’s really good for your muscles. It’s nice and soothing. I think I’ll still be doing yoga when I’m a grown up.”  Ethan – Berwick

“It was my elder daughter’s interest in wanting to do a yoga class with me, that saw 3 of my four children join me in one of Body Yoga’s Family holiday activities. Having not been to the studio before we all entered wide eyed, not really knowing what to expect. After a session full of fun,laughter and relaxation, I walked out of the door with 3 children who were very keen to try out the Kid’s Yoga classes. After the initial trial class each of them came out happy, refreshed and insistent that I sign them up for the term. It’s not often that you get an 11 year old boy and two girls who are 8 and 5 all genuinely willing to do the same activity. This I think comes as a result of the way the teacher interacts with the children. A warm welcome is given to each child  as they enter the studio and the smiles on their faces as they leave, show that they have had a good time. Once home there have been many demonstrations of the poses learnt and talk of things done. Still the best endorsement for the classes comes when you hear comments like ‘ yoga is a great way to start the weekend.’ Thank you Body Yoga.     Kim – Berwick

“My 3yr old son partakes in kid’s yoga and he always looks forward to his class! It’s very inspiring when I see him do downward facing dog and he doesn’t realize that it is actual exercise. I still can’t believe Mary can get so many 3-4 year olds to lie quietly all at the same time, she is truly amazing!! I can leave my son and go for a relaxing walk knowing that he is having wonderful time learning about himself and exercising all at the same time… Give Mary’s class a go, you won’t be disappointed.”  Amanda – Berwick

“…….I also feel very lucky to be able to share the gift of yoga with my children, Tayla (8) and Ava (5), who attend the kids classes. I believe my kids have been given a wonderful gift that will stay with them for life. A big thank you to everyone at Body Yoga for your inspiration, knowledge and kindness. Both myself and my children look forward to many more years of yoga shared with you all.”     Cassie -Garfield

“Great class Mary, my girls absolutely LOVE IT! 🙂  Love your work”    Janet – Pakenham Upper

October 2010 Kids 8-12 year old yoga class

When asked what yoga meant to them, this is what some of the replies from the children were:

“Yoga means to me patience and relaxation.  It calms me down whenever I am stressed or worried about something.  When I come to yoga all the problems or things I am worried about go away.  What I like about yoga is experiencing the poses and getting to share anything that is on my mind that I need help with.  I love yoga! It’s the best!”       Caitlin 10 yo – Narre Warren

“Yoga means to me nice and relaxing. I have improved by going to sleep at 2.00am and now I am getting to sleep at 9.30pm.”     Shaylyn 8yo- Pakenham

“Yoga is very fun and relaxing.  It helps me with my breathing and if I have a problem yoga calms me down.  In yoga you do lots of poses that are fun and the relaxing at the end of class is really beautiful”   Sarah 10 yo – Narre Warren

“It means to me I can sleep better.  My favourite thing to do is play games for example playing on the ropes!” Tess 8yo – Upper Beaconsfield

“To me, yoga is my time to relax and just be myself.  Yoga is very special to me and it helps me a lot, seeing that I play a lot of sports.  It relaxes and soothes your muscles and most of all I LOVE IT! “  Grace 12yo – Berwick