Yoga Classes Berwick – Testimonials

Yoga Classes Berwick – Testimonials

Yoga Classes Berwick – Body Yoga Berwick Testimonials

“Dear Mary,
Just dropping you a line to rave about your staff. They are awesome. This is my second purchase of class passes to your studio and coming back has jolted me into this realisation. What has got my fingers tapping the keyboard is,”the care and total observation of your pupils by your instructors.” Each session I have been to, over my time visiting your studio, I have noticed this and have been blown away by it.  I would imagine it is not easy to observe all the postures, stances and movements of the class. But they do. We get a work out, but man, so do your instructors and then some. As you know some classes can be quite full, so to achieve this they are really on top of their game, what a committed team you have. It is SO reassuring to be constantly observing this on others and experiencing this myself, as it makes me SO confident that l will not get injuries and I am learning the right way to do things. This gives me SO much confidence and an exhilarating yoga experience. I am only new to it and really hooked. Thank you for choosing the right staff and your and their philosophy towards the practise it is truly awesome. You have yourself the most loveliest day and thank you.”  Dianne – Berwick

“Thank you again for such a great yoga class the other night.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus (a good bus!) despite doing yoga almost daily at home, it just shows me how much my yoga practice varies between home and with a teacher!! Honestly my body is aching everywhere!! It makes me laugh to think I can surf 3 hours in freezing water without aching yet one of your classes makes me hurt all over!!!”  Melijah – Upper Beaconsfield

“Have loved attending all the various classes over the past few months. This morning we had Emma, for the first time (for me) – she was sensational. The same must be said of the other teachers too.  I honestly really enjoy all of your classes so much – all so different, yet all so greatly enjoyable. It’s wonderful to know I can go whenever, rather than checking out who is giving the class, as it really doesn’t matter. Well done on a fantastic team.” Clare – Berwick

“Yoga has had such a positive outcome on my life.  Not only has it relieved my various aches and pains but it is also teaching me to take each day as it comes.  I tend to be a bit of a stress head, worrying about what might happen and have never taken much time to smell the roses.  Even though I am still very busy I now feel much calmer, relaxed and more in control of my life.  Waking up each day with no aching body is something I never imagined would happen.  Thank you so very much for imparting your incredible knowledge to all.”   Lyn – Cranbourne

“I hate missing out on yoga.  It has been wonderful doing your yoga classes Mary.  I should of joined you years ago.  It is definitely the best yoga I have ever done.  And I have been doing yoga for over 10 years! Thank you Mary for providing such a wonderful experience for us all.” Sharyn – Berwick

“Yoga is a journey – A journey that allows you to attain a balance between body, mind and spirit. Body Yoga provides the perfect infrastructure for this. Mary and the team provide an idyllic setting, which allows for independent development, mentored guidance and a sense of belonging. As you continue along this journey, you come to the realisation that no two people share the same path or destination. Yoga is a highly individual practice and this is reflected by the high level of attention provided to each student. Mary is highly experienced, passionate and knowledgeable. She is dedicated to enhancing YOUR yoga experience. Immersing yourself in her positivity, energy and enthusiasm allows you to enhance every yoga practice. She is simply amazing!  On a personal level, yoga has been a form of renaissance – A chance to start again. To approach life with a new-found attitude, perspective and resolve. To learn to live in the present, and not burden myself with events of the past or future. Yoga has also allowed me to discover the notion of contentment – Of being satisfied. In a society where government propaganda, bias media and cunning marketing continuously bombards us, this can be difficult to attain. I do not believe I have experienced this in its fullest form, however I do believe yoga is taking me on a journey towards it. Finally, from a physical perspective, yoga has proved to be challenging, revitalising and calming. Having a background in strength training and physiotherapy has not made the workouts easy – Mary definitely knows how to get the blood flowing! With every pose comes a surge of positive energy. The variety of poses, use of props and fine tuning of technique ensures all levels of ability are catered for. I leave class feeling rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit. I can’t thank Body Yoga enough. I am so fortunate to be able to engage in such an enlightening experience.”  Mitchell  – Endeavour Hills

“I joined Body Yoga with a friend to support her desire to ”give it a go”, little did I know how much I would enjoy it, and how transformational it could be.  Mary and her team provide a purpose built environment that is welcoming, and truly designed for  every body. From my initial 8 week session, I found I had increased flexibility and was able to try things I never imagined my body could achieve. It aided my weight loss and helped me become pain free after years of pain in my back, hips and knees. I have tried other places but never felt as welcomed and at home as I do at Body yoga, the teachers are amazing. With ongoing involvement, I’ve found an increase to my overall health and wellbeing and amazing increase in flexibility and core strength, muscle definition I couldn’t achieve with weights. I also have a level of balance and I’m learning the skills to managing  stress in both my home and work life. Highly recommended kids Yoga classes too!”                     Kelly – Berwick

“Combining 2 Body Yoga classes during the week has given me a great understanding of yoga and how to bring it back into my lifestyle.  It helps me deal with life in such a more positive way! Thanks Body Yoga.”   Frances – Narre Warren South

“I would highly recommend Mary’s yoga class to everyone. The only way for me to properly de-stress from a hectic day is to visit Mary’s peaceful studio and leave the world behind me. Mary puts a lot of energy into understanding each and every students needs and guides you every step of the way. I personally have really tight hamstrings, which have loosened easily and effortlessly with Mary’s guidance. It is truly incredible how something so soothing as yoga practice can tone and strengthen your body and re-energise your thoughts whilst having such a great time. My 3yr old son partakes in kid’s yoga and he always looks forward to his class! It’s very inspiring when I see him do down-ward facing dog and he doesn’t realize that it is actual exercise. I still can’t believe Mary can get so many 3-4 year olds to lie quietly all at the same time, she is truly amazing!! I can leave my son and go for a relaxing walk knowing that he is having wonderful time learning about himself and exercising all at the same time… Give Mary’s class a go, you won’t be disappointed. I have been a member for over  2.5 years 🙂 ”                 Amanda –  Berwick

“Thank you for last night’s Yoga session. I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I get frustrated when my knee or my hip don’t work the way I want them to and I do appreciate the way you always accommodate for those of us who have body restrictions. Last night I could pretty much do all the positions which was great and some of them were quite difficult. I am feeling that my body is becoming more flexible as I do try to do some of the positions at home, especially if I’m feeling stressed.”   Joanne – Berwick

“Body Yoga is fantastic. After years in a desk job I have found yoga to be the key to unlocking all the built up tension which has caused me much pain and suffering. As my body has become more flexible so too has my mind and this has had positive effects on all aspects of my life. As a mum to two small children the studio has become my place to come and have some “me” time and I saviour every minute! The teachers are very passionate and knowledgable about yoga which I find very inspiring. The studio is purpose built with ropes on the walls for supported poses and all the equipment such as bolsters, blankets, mats, chairs etc. is provided. Highly recommend.”   Lisa – Narre Warren

“I have been attending Body Yoga for over 2 yrs now…and found it t be the best yoga workshop I have ever been to, a bit sceptical on trying it out as I had tried yoga before and found it very slow and boring, however with Body Yoga it was a complete surprise at how much I enjoyed it!….Let’s just say I have a new found love of yoga and love the fact that each class is so different from the last class, variety is my fortei as it keeps me interested and it is definitely delivered with Body Yoga, my aches and pains have disappeared and my flexibility and body tone, and muscle strength has been amazing. I love the atmosphere at Body Yoga as it is very warm and inviting, somewhere you feel completely comfortable and a feeling of belonging! I thank Body Yoga for the amazing gift it continues to give me!”

“I am a Personal Trainer who always loved the ‘runners’ high. I could never tear myself away from a good cardio session. As I have gotten older and started a family of my own, I desired a calmer option to go along with all the ‘hyperactivity’ in my life. I had been to a few different yoga studios but I just couldn’t find the one that was right for me. I had almost given up on the idea of yoga until I decided to try a class at Body Yoga. To my surprise, I left that class feeling tall (which is great considering I am short!), refreshed and challenged all at the same time. I don’t think I had ever felt so peaceful and I went home on a different kind of high. After that class I was able to tackle my duties for the day with a clear mind and a calm body. As a result, I did what I had to do with more clarity which gave me better results. Now, I look forward to yoga every week. It’s MY time and it’s the one time I don’t have to be anyone. When I am at yoga, I just am.”          Wendy – Berwick

“I have tried a few different yoga teachers and schools but Body Yoga is by far the best. The teachers are caring and passionate about Yoga, the studio is customised including ropes for supported poses and the ambience is peaceful and tranquil – my little escape from the world!”

“Yoga has been a god send – no more sciatica pain (or if there is I know how to fix it), even my arthritic toe is not troubling me.  Thank you so very much for your enthusiasm and energy  in classes.”   Lyn – Berwick

“Over the last few years I’ve been on a journey. A journey to health and well being that I never would have imagined would have led me to where I am today, but I suppose that is why I always call it my journey, I wasn’t sure of the destination, I just knew I had to head somewhere different to where I had been for so long. I often joke that I was born 11 pound 9 ounces and never had a chance! i was overweight as a child, throughout my adolescence and into adulthood. I had times of strict or crash dieting, but I never focused on health. Ironically I’m a health professional in my career, but I never related my state of un health to that of a patient I had cared for or the knowledge I’d obtained throughout the years. After the birth of my second child I considered many drastic measures to control my weight, I tipped the scales at 145 kgs! I lost 10 kgs by starving myself but that wasn’t fun, I love food! All of the options I considered required surgical interventions and rapid lifestyle changes. With this in mind I decided to give diet and exercise one last go. I committed whole heartedly to the Weight Watchers program, but focused purely on being healthier, I didn’t call it a diet, but a new lifestyle. As the kilos dropped off I started to look at doing things that I hadn’t done before. I tried water skiing, running! and became more involved in life. After losing 40 kgs we found that we were having a gorgeous third child (due to my healthier lifestyle) after her birth I was right on track and heading towards a healthy weight range. When I had about 20 kgs to go, a close girlfriend suggested Yoga and I had a chuckle. I thought it was for skinny girls and fit people but decided with my “try new things” focus, I shouldn’t say no. I was amazed at how welcoming Body Yoga was, there was people of all shapes and sizes there, and it was so non competitive and non judgemental. I signed up for 8 weeks and thought I’d support my friend and give it a go. Each week I learnt something about myself, how my body responded to the movements, how I could focus on nothing at all, and really take a moment just to be. I was amazed at how vibrant and healthy I felt and I could see myself improve each and every week. Mary helped me to put things into perspective with her wise words about patience and ego, I I feel I’ve learnt more about myself in the two years I’ve been attending yoga than the 38 years that came before it! I made it to goal and have maintained my weight loss for over 12 months (over 56 kgs gone). I have three gorgeous girls who now have a healthy Mum that role models health and well being, and yes they all go to yoga too! I even convinced my husband to join in and he’s seen a reduction in back problems.  I feel my body has aligned itself and I no longer regularly suffer from back and hip pain, in fact I’m pain free every day. My journey of weight loss became a journey of health and well being through the guidance and support of Body Yoga, I never expected the added benefits of a clearer mind, positive thought and  patience. I always say I’m a calmer Mummy because of yoga and I’m always so keen to tell anyone who’ll listen the wonderful virtues of Body Yoga and the benefits I’ve gained from being there.”   Kelly – Berwick

“I personally feel very privileged to have had such a good grounding to yoga over the years. You have brought a whole new perspective to the way I feel about myself and my outlook on life, which seems to have been a natural progression to how I physically benefit.”  Cathy – Upper Beaconsfield

“I first came to Body Yoga to add something new to my fitness training, WOW little did I know it would change my whole outlook on life!Yoga has taught me so much that I could write for hours but the biggest thing is the connection between mind, body and soul.I am the type of person who is always thinking about tomorrow and yoga has taught me to be in the “NOW, THIS PRESENT MOMENT”. So when my mind starts to race ahead, I often just stop, take a deep breath and remind myself to “JUST BE!” I walk out of yoga every single week feeling calm, positive and inspired in one way or another.I also feel very lucky to be able to share the gift of yoga with my children, Tayla (8) and Ava (5), who attend the kids classes. I believe my kids have been given a wonderful gift that will stay with them for life. A big thank you to Mary, Alex and Jo for your inspiration, knowledge and kindness. Both myself and my children look forward to many more years of yoga shared with you all.” Cassie -Garfield

“I Love Body Beautiful @ Body Yoga! I love the dynamics of the Body Beautiful class moving from pose to pose with no long pauses in-between. We have a brief rest time & then it is back into another pose – I LOVE this continuous energy flow.  My body perspires, my muscles stretch, every fibre of my body is energy, is happiness, I am one with the energy flow. Body Beautiful class releases any negative energy & toxins that I may have built up over the week & re energises me for the week ahead.  From the warm up to the last pose, slipping under a blankie, eyes closed as we surrender to the bliss of relax/ meditation time. I have been doing yoga on & off for 25 years, I am not the most disciplined of people but Saturday mornings when the rest of the family are all snuggled up in bed I am up & eager to embrace the high energy, demanding poses of Body Beautiful.  Pushing yourself to your own personal limits – no ego, no competition – we are all at varying stages of our yoga journeys,  like minded people coming together to bend & stretch, perspire, grow & breathe, breathe, breathe. Thank you Body Yoga for sharing your passion for Yoga.”   Megan –  Narre Warren