Embracing Our Feminine Cycle

Embracing Our Feminine Cycle

Do You:

• Desire to explore the magic of your menstrual cycle and want to understand your inner seasons?

• Struggle with PMS and want to learn natural, non-invasive ways to help improve this?

• Wish to learn how to slow down and tune into your bodies natural rhythm?

• Judge yourself harshly when you are not feeling social, ‘switched on’, productive or as energetic as you would like?

• Want to learn how to work with your cycle in your business?

• Desire to release toxic shame and old beliefs around your cycle?

• Want to learn how to deepen your self-care at each phase of your cycle?

I invite you to come along to the second Sacred Awakenings Circle where we will be exploring the wisdom of our wombs.

When I first started working with women there was a common theme that kept coming up.

Women who were experiencing feelings of shame, disgust and pain around having a period.

Women who were pushing themselves and punishing their body when what it really needed was to rest.

It was with this awareness that I knew I needed to step up and share a new way with our community.

Through merging ancient wisdom with grounded, modern practical support, this part workshshop/part women’s circle has been intentionally crafted to empower the modern day woman to find her flow, take it slow and tune into the four seasons of her cycle so that life becomes more graceful, easeful and aligned.

Throughout our time together we will move through releasing old stories about our moontime, whilst calling in and aligning with the ancient wisdom embedded within our psyches and wombs. Otherwise known as “womb-wisdom”.

There will also be a guided meditation and breathwork as well as a beautiful restorative yoga pose designed to support your whole system.

I believe this women’s work is important work.

I believe that it starts with us healing our own beliefs and ways of being so that we can show up for ourselves in a way that is working with our natural cycle.

When we do so, we are then able to be the best mothers to our daughters and future generations to come.

Will you join us sister?

Feel free to invite a friend! I can’t wait to meet you.

♡ Chelsea xx

Saturday October 21st

Time: 1 – 3pm


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