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Corporate Yoga programs have been shown to create better business environments by creating happier, healthier staff.  Studies have shown that businesses who invest in the health and well being of their staff enjoy lower rates of staff turnover, reduced sick leave and higher rates of productivity.  Staff feel appreciated and this builds morale and company loyalty.

Yoga teaches students how to release tension in their bodies making them feel calmer and more relaxed. This facilitates higher concentration levels and an overall sense of well being. The regular practice of yoga also assists with many common aches and pains generally associated with people sitting at desks for extended periods.  Again, this translates to less time off work for visits to Doctors and other health professionals.

Body Yoga can tailor a health and well being package to suit your organisations specific needs. Classes can be held on your premises or in our Body Yoga studio located in Berwick, Victoria.   Classes can be wholly or partially sponsored by the company or solely funded by staff, the choice is yours.

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