Meditation Courses

4 Week Relaxation & Meditation Course

If you’re looking to find peace and stillness then Body Yoga’s 4 Week Relaxation & Meditation Course is just for you. This course is suitable for all levels of students including the very beginner. You will learn and practice various relaxation and meditation techniques in a fun and supportive way. Body Yoga’s Relaxation & Meditation Course also explores the 5,000 year old philosophy of yoga which provides insight into how the mind works and offers a greater level of understanding of its relationship to stress and suffering in our lives.

We believe this combination is ideal for those new to meditation and wanting a gentle introduction. You will leave our course with “life tools” as well as relaxation & meditation techniques that you can easily practice on your own allowing you to continue the journey to stillness and inner happiness. Courses are held every second month at our beautiful Body Yoga Studio in Berwick – a sacred and tranquil space for you to take time out from your busy life to find stillness and inner peace.

Duration and time : 4 weeks, Thursdays 7.45 – 9.00pm


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Note: In addition to our courses, we also offer Fortnightly Meditation Classes. For further information on these classes please click here.


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Why Meditate?

Meditation improves our emotional balance and provides us with tools to handle the many ups and downs of life.  There are a large number of physical, emotional and psychological conditions that are shown by research to be favourably influenced by meditation.
These include:

Anxiety                                                  Chronic pain
Depression                                         Headaches
High blood pressure                         Insomnia
Migraines                                           Stress
 Other benefits can include:
  • Focused and clear thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Enhanced sense of self
  • Greater relaxation and ease
  • More equanimity in the face of challenges
  • Satisfaction in life
  • An improved sense of spiritual fulfilment and awakening

Stress has been known to be a leading factor in the development of many illnesses and states of dis-ease .  Meditation is an inexpensive investment in your health and well-being.