Mindful Habits

Welcome to a 10 week deep dive journey adopting small incremental steps towards syncing your daily rhythms and rituals with ancient wisdom for modern health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda is based on living in sync.  When you synchronize your bodily rhythms to nature’s clock, your physiology harmonizes.  You experience balance, ease and flow.  When you live against nature’s body clock, you experience stress, rapid ageing, and dis-ease’           Cate Stillman 2016

As your coach I help you to get clear on your intentions for living a life that is rich in purpose and vitality.  This 10 week habit change program is designed to nourish you and shape shift your identity to support your relationship with yourself and others.  You will be guided through self-care practices and rituals to help you align your daily habits in integrity with your role as a care giver.  Whether you are  caring for others personally or professionally,  or lifes circumstances are demanding a critical focus on self healing, you are in the right spot!    Each week the program focuses on one habit enriched with the science of Ayurveda and behaviour change.  Change will be made easy through breaking down actions into small incremental steps whilst connecting with the laws of nature, human evolution, peer support and accessing personal wisdom.

Gain momentum with small steps towards nurturing yourself first so your tribe can experience the compound effect of your authentic care, support and compassion.  Grounding yourself in this journey will enable you to strengthen your roots and grow a support system to allow all aspects of yourself and others to flourish.


Overscheduled, running behind or overwhelmed by caring for others?

Tired, depleted or uninspired?

Reliant on caffeine or sugar for extra energy?

Your appetite, digestion or elimination is less than great?

Weighed down by demands as a caregiver with little time for fun and relaxation?

Unable to create space to engage in physical activity to completely restore and energize?

Distracted and unable to connect with yourself and others with ease and compassion?



More ease in your daily life

Empowerment to access natural sources for vital renewal of energy

Practices to restore, cleanse and heal your physical body

Embrace your stage of life and the hidden jewels within the specific stages

Clarity in decision making to overcome proscratination/resistance towards becoming your best self

Harmony in your relationship with yourself and others

Course Resources and Outline:

  • Weekly recorded lessons
  • Weekly live conference calls (growthwork, trouble shooting and support)
  • Student Resources Hub:
    • 77 page Master Habits E-Book
    • 22 page Habit Changing Guide
    • 25 page recipe book full of amazing, fresh, plant based recipes
    • Weekly handouts, charts, journaling, and other self-inquiry worksheets
    • Yoga, exercise and meditation videos
    • Community forum through a private group page on Facebook

Week 1: Meal Schedule

Streamline shopping and meal preparation to enhance better food choices and reduce stress in managing  household rhythms, individual preferences and family dynamics.  Create a routine and implement practices that enhance the natural power of digestion so you can benefit from optimal digestion and deeper sleep/rest/nourishment.

Week 2: Evening Ritual

  • Understand nature’s clock; re-program evening ritual and activities to:
    • Stimulate effective digestion of food and experiences;
    • Connect with yourself and others to have fun and relax
    • Live deeply rested and energized
    • Overcome obstacles for deeper rest when dependants, illness or trauma overrides usual routines

Week 3: Start the Day Right

Awaken to your true spirit, broaden your perspective on life and  step into the day centered, grounded and aligned with your values.  Optimise your physical and emotional wellbeing to cultivate strength in caring for yourself and/or others throughout the day.

Week 4: Exercise

Tune into the breath and biomechanics of the body – combine these elements with your natural intelligence to build strength, flexibility and softness both physically and mentally.  Optimise your workouts to find your growing edge – to nurture and pursue a dynamic relationship with life.

Week 5: Plant Based Diet

Experience life in right relationship with food to deepen your nourishment and re-orient yourself with natures finest gifts.  Understand food as pharmacy and how our outer ecosystem can enrich our inner ecosystem.

Week 6: Self Massage

Learn simple and easy techniques for feeding your skin and spirit in ritual and self-care.  Empower yourself with the sense of touch, connectivity and become more in tune with your physical health.  Unlock you heart for the benefit of yourself and others!

Week 7: Meditation

Tune into your natural intelligence; create space and timelessness to tap into your deepest desires;  Step into your true potential by fine tuning your awareness and sensitivity; Gain clarity to navigate daily dilemmas and upheavals in all life stages.

Week 8: Healthy Eating Guidelines

Culitvate healthy cravings; tune into a different level of consciousness regarding food sources; be guided by your intuitive body; connect with how plants grow and heal our body.  Step into a blessed orientation towards food; incorporate meal timing and spacing; Become receptive to different tastes and a journey to evolve your understanding of food.

Week 9: Sense Organ Care

Discover a whole new aspect of your being.  Tap into your senses and learn to nurture  the quality of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, whilst counterbalancing the stimulating effects of our modern world (screens, pollution, artificial light, skewed work policies etc).  Tap into the power of your sense organs for deeper relationship with yourself and reduce sensitivity to stimuli that depletes rather than restores.

Week 10: Easeful Living

We have habit stacked our way to understanding that good habits arise from conscious, preplanned decisions.  Through discipline and support we arrive at a systematic foundation for gaining momentum and flow in our life.  Reflect on your orientation towards ease, reduce risk of dis-ease, enhance immunity and pacify the demands of a fast paced modern world.  Strengthen the foundation and grassroot skills towards an evolutionary journey!

Ready to Transform?

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About Me, Your Coach


I am a mother of three children, a registered nurse, yoga teacher and health coach.  I am a coach for the Living Ayurveda Course (a nine month Ayurveda school with 80 annual students, founded by Cate Stillman).  I bring these elements, and more, to you with my expression of Ayurveda, western medicine and wholistic health.

It is my passion to empower others to become a self and family healer, to take control of your body, mind and spirit, so that you can realise your true potential and freedom.

My values:

Organization, Structure, Connection, Growth, Compassion, Empowerment and Patience.

As a Caregiver, I honour the light and love in me that shines through to the light and love in you!  I have learn’t to strengthen these elments in me so they can shine through to you.  Join me and continue to generate a divine portal of light and love in this world!


Kristen L, 52, Flinders Vic

I recently completed the mindful habits program.  In 2008 I was confronted with a life threatening illness and in 2017 I was cured however life presented me with new challenges on how to maintain good health and enjoy life at a time when I was menopausal, having children leave home and transitioning into a different stage in my life.  I lacked a little self esteem, motivation in my life and needed some  simple advice.  Anna from Mindful habits simply changed my thinking and turned old habits into new and exciting habits that made me feel a better person both emotionally and physically.  The ideas Anna showed me were sometimes challenging to implement however over a short time it became easier and I could feel the difference. I  had more energy, I slept better and I enjoyed the beautiful new recipes  that were on offer.  Life throws us many challenges and sometimes it is worth seeking advice to help you become a happier and healthier person.  I recommend the mindful Habits program because by simply talking to a life coach has changed my life for the better.