Kids & Teens Yoga

Kids aged 5-13 years & Teens aged 13-17

Kids Yoga & Meditation

Children learn through games, play and storytelling so these classes do not follow the same structure as an adult class.  In fact, there is very little structure and every opportunity for fun and creativity.  Body Yoga Kid’s classes are held in a relaxed and fun environment where every child is free to express their own individual self without judgement or expectation.  In a space free of competition, they feel safe and nurtured. Friendships are developed and children are free to explore their full potential at their own pace. Our specialised Kids Yoga teachers have the necessary skills and training to guide your child whilst offering them plenty of support. Our teachers are also parents so they bring a wealth of hands on life experience and understanding to all classes.

How can Kids Yoga & Meditation benefit your child?

Yoga & Meditation can:

  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Improve concentration levels
  • Develop co-ordination
  • Improve flexibility
  • Develop body awareness
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Relax and settle a busy mind
  • Allow children to have time to be children and just have fun!!!


* If joining part way during the term fees are adjusted accordingly. Fees are not transferable or refundable.

Children learn about yoga through games and creative play using their imaginations.  The focus is on fun and respecting their bodies and each other. Yoga poses are taught in an age appropriate way and are further developed as children gain more confidence and understanding. Each class generally focuses on a theme so each class will be different keeping children engaged and enthusiastic about their practice.  We offer many tools for children to take away with them for life.  These tools teach children how to manage difficult situations in life alleviating the need for them to become overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.  Our classes have helped many children and we are dedicated to the ongoing development of children so they can be resilient, confident and happy.

Body Yoga Kids classes run in line with the school term and fees are payable at the beginning of each term. Children can join at anytime. To attend our Kids Yoga & Meditation classes simply BOOK ONLINE or arrive 10 minutes early to register.  Our studio is located at 1/15 Blackburne Square, Berwick.  We look forward to meeting you and your child and guiding them on their journey as many others have. To read what others have to say about our Kids Yoga & Meditation Classes view our Testimonials here.  

Check our BLOG page for information on our Kids Yoga & Meditation Classes

Teens Yoga & Meditation

We have several teenagers graduating from many years of practice in our kids yoga classes. This has prompted the introduction of weekly teen yoga classes being offered. We looking forward to guiding teens and equipping them with tools for their path to becoming healthy and stable adults.
Our teen yoga classes help build strength, flexibility and improved posture. The physical poses are explored with an emphasis on balance and stability which helps develop coordination and prevent injury. The classes will help teens develop relaxation skills and draw attention to the breath as a reflection of the state of mind and as a tool to elicit relaxation and focus.
Teen yoga encourages self-trust, compassion, healthy body image and an inter-connectedness with self, others and the world around us. The class incorporates yoga philosophy which allows teens to experience a sense of space around their concerns and provides techniques for stress management, acceptance, decision making and focus. Teens yoga revitalizes low energy, tempers hyperactivity and provides a healthy way to experiment, take risks, and explore the body whilst having lots of fun!


teen 2

teen yoga

Yoga & Meditation in Schools Program for all Teenagers

Being a teenager is often not an easy period in a young person’s life.  There are many challenges to face as our children try to find their way and work out where and how they “fit”. The pressures of everyday life can often leave teenagers feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed.  With more and more demands being placed on our children, it is important they have a space they can gather which feels safe and supportive.  At Body Yoga we have recognised this need and feel that we can offer teenagers simple tools that will help guide them peacefully through life.   We are also the leading provider of Teens Yoga & Meditation to many of our local schools who run Health & Wellbeing programs for their students. If you would like more information on our Yoga & Meditation in Schools program please click here.

Teenagers will learn how to feel more comfortable with themselves and the importance of self love and respect. Being challenged on their yoga mat will also help build strength and resilience which is incredibly important in this fast paced, competitive world we live in.  Yoga provides many tools for dealing with life’s ups and downs and  combined with simple, easy to follow meditation techniques, our teenagers will be set for life.

Our Teens Yoga & Meditation provide teenagers with the opportunity to:

  • improve posture, muscle tone, strength & flexibility
  • balance out energy levels
  • regulate hormones
  • relieve pain associated with the menstrual cycle
  • manage stress and develop the ability to relax
  • improve concentration levels by developing focus
  • develop a healthy body image
  • make decisions that respect themselves and others
  • cultivate important values such as gratitude, acceptance, compassion and presence

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