Mums n Bubs Course

Mums n Bubs 6 Week Yoga Course

Course starting date: 8th of February 2019

Fee: $120.00 (includes comprehensive notes)
No previous yoga experience required

Thank you to all the Mums and Bubs who have attended our courses.
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Mums n Bubs 6 Week Yoga Course

Our unique Mums n Bubs 6 week course offers mothers of young babies a chance to get out of the house, tune in to self care and nourish their connection with self and baby.  Each 60 minute session includes a yoga and relaxation sequence for both mum and bub which helps to restore the body after birth and provide practical strategies for easing baby’s digestion and nurturing developmental patterns and sleep cycles.  The course is suitable for all Mums 6 weeks postpartum for vaginal delivery or 8 weeks for caesarean delivery. If you are unsure of your suitability, please contact us for further advice.

About Your Teacher

Anna has a passion for helping future generations access simple practices that create easeful living and good health.  As a mother, nurse, yoga teacher and health coach Anna is dedicated to role modeling a balanced family life whilst providing an empowering and informative course to reap the rewards and manage the stress of parenthood.  Anna values community and creating a supportive environment for you to grow as a mother without disconnecting from the essence of your true nature.

Course highlights:

  • Connection with like minded mums
  • Fun, creative and inspiring yoga “sing & do” techniques to benefit your baby
  • Magic moments to laugh, unwind and release tension
  • Restoring strength, recover pelvic floor and prevent injury
  • Practice acceptance of daily challenges and troubleshoot strategies to orient towards ease
  • Explore mindful parenting and reflect on your growth path


Mums n Bubs Yoga Courses (Post Natal Yoga)  are held at our studio in Berwick.

For Mums, our Mums n Bubs Yoga (Post Natal Yoga) can:

  • strengthen a weakened pelvic floor
  • strengthen abdominal muscles
  • strengthen back muscles
  • relieve aching neck and shoulders
  • relieve back pain
  • assist with fatigue
  • improve energy levels
  • provide a safe means of strengthening the entire body
  • provide tools to deal with the mental stress sometimes associated with being a new mum
  • provide an opportunity to bond with your new baby
  • offer a space to feel safe and welcomed where experiences can be shared and new friendships can be made

For infants, Mums n Bubs Yoga can:

  • help improve sleep patterns
  • improve digestion
  • relieve cramps and constipation
  • alleviate colic
  • help settle a crying or unsettled baby
  • maintain flexibility
  • build strength in a babies developing body

What Mums n Bubs participants think of our course:

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What to bring

A rug for baby to lie on and anything else you may need to feed and change baby in our child friendly environment.

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