Private Yoga Tuition

$90.00 per session (1.5 hours by appointment only)

Bookings – 0402 072 677

Private One to one yoga tuition is by appointment only. These sessions are tailored to each individuals needs and can be booked as a regular on-going appointment or as a once off session as the need arises.

A private one to one yoga consultation can be beneficial to:

  • students with injuries or illness requiring a personalised practice that accommodates their specific needs
  • develop a personalised yoga practice that meets the needs of the student
  • refine the students understanding of yoga asana (poses)
  • students preferring one to one sessions where this mode of teaching better fits in with a busy lifestyle

What to Bring

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing such as tracksuit/shorts/leggings and t-shirt
  • Yoga is done in bare feet so wash feet before class.  Shoes are not worn inside the studio
  • Yoga is best done on an empty stomach so allow 3 hours after a main meal or 1 ½ – 2 hours after a light meal
  • Food (including gum) is not allowed inside the studio.  Water in a closed container is permitted for after class but not during
  • Yoga mats are provided and can also be purchased from the Studio.  If you are prone to heavy sweating it is suggested you purchase your own quality mat for hygiene reasons. Cheap, poor quality mats are not suitable.