Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Our Vinyasa Yoga Classes are a more dynamic, flowing style of class where each pose flows gently into the next.  “Vinyasa” means “breath-synchronized movement” so this is a  flowing yoga class where movement and breath are synchronised together.  Poses will flow into each other in a smooth flowing manner.  Be prepared for a lot of sun salutations and dynamic movement which will definitely get your heart pumping!  Whilst these classes are flowing, they are done at a pace that is accessible to everyone ensuring that the practice of yoga be safe and where alignment and correct movement of the body is encouraged. The continual movement from one pose to the next encourages strength, stamina and flexibility as well as providing an added cardiovascular benefit.  Our Vinyasa classes are structured in a way as to accommodate both beginners and those with more experience.


Vinyasa classes are a great addition to your regular gym program with many personal trainers referring their clients to yoga to improve flexibility. These high energy yoga classes will burn plenty of calories, while toning and sculpting the body so it is also a great compliment to your dieting program.  If you enjoy a challenge or want to extend your regular yoga practice then this style is for you!

Students with injuries are advised to join our Alignment Based classes initially. Please always discuss any injuries or major health concerns with your teacher prior to commencing yoga.

Fees are not transferable or refundable.  Please see terms & conditions.

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